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AnzenStore is our commercially available product for the application of ASR to archival and backup data protecting classified or sensitive information allowing you to utilise the benefits of public cloud infrastructure without worrying about security.

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AnzenStore secures sensitive data against a range of existing and emerging threats by applying ASR to data at rest. Offering quantum-safe data protection for classified or sensitive data and allowing users to have confidence to leverage public cloud infrastructure.

Accessibility is at the forefront of what we do. We were initially funded by the UK MoD to increase the maturity of our ASR technology. Subsequently with further MoD funding we developed the first version of our connector architecture and accessibility tools, allowing straight forward and rapid install configure and use of our ASR technology. Since then we have been working to extend this with new integration and deployment tools. These include things like extended metrics visibility, and integrations with new third-party providers. When combined, these tools allow AnzenStore to seamlessly integrate with your existing stack, giving your organisation straight forward and rapid access to the benefits of ASR.

Other Use Cases


AnzenLive is our demonstrable prototype for applying ASR to protect real-time data allowing for sub-second access to sensitive information while ensuring the highest level of security.

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AnzenEdge is our demonstrable prototype for the application of ASR to IoT and low powered devices, allowing protection of sensitive data and on-device processing including in environments with low or no connectivity at the edge.

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